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  • The Gold Leaf Pouch's Captivating Aesthetic

    The Gold Leaf Pouch's Captivating Aesthetic

    Embrace an accessory that reflects your commitment to eco-conscious choices, from its 100% natural cork fabric to its eco-friendly packaging. Let the Gold Leaf Pouch redefine how utility and elegance can coexist harmoniously. Whether it's for school, work, or creativity, this pouch enhances your organization while contributing to a greener future. Make your mark with FlippySustainables and the Gold Leaf Pouch, where functionality meets sophistication in a truly sustainable form.
  • 5 Reasons Why Our Eco-Friendly Wallets Should Top Your Wishlist

    5 Reasons Why Our Eco-Friendly Wallets Should Top Your Wishlist

    In a world that demands conscious consumer choices, finding stylish and sustainable accessories can be a game-changer. We know that your conscious choices today are the key to a brighter future tomorrow so it's time to reimagine your everyday carry with FlippySustainable’ s eco-friendly wallets.

    Introducing Ravine and Forest - two exceptional creations designed to blend effortless style with sustainable practices.With Flipper the Beagle as the brains behind this eco-friendly operation, our wallets bring a touch of playful creativity to every aspect of sustainability - from materials to design.

  • amber dual color coaster by flippysustainables, water repellant, lightweight, easy to clean, sturdy cork coasters suitable for hot and cold beverages | aesthetic coasters for corporate gifting, office, home by flippysustainables

    Autumn Coasters: Style your home with Rustic Elegance

    The Autumn Coasters are inspired by the warm hues that paint the natural world during this magical season. Crafted from 100% natural cork, these coasters are not only visually appealing but also embody a commitment to sustainability. With their versatile design, these coasters are suitable for all types of beverages, including tea, coffee, beer, and wine. They are designed to fit all mugs, cups, glasses, and bottles, making them a perfect choice for any occasion. Flippysustainables takes pride in their commitment to sustainable packaging practices.Let these Autumn Coasters be a reminder of the beauty of nature and the importance of preserving our planetone sip at a time.
  • sleek, minimal, slim cardholder wallet for "on-the-go" | best cardholder in India by flippysustainables

    Canyon Cardholder: The Perfect Blend of Convenience and Sustainability

     Immerse yourself in the adventurous spirit of a traveler as you explore vast landscapes and marvel at the wonders of nature. The Flippysustainables Canyon Cardholder encapsulates this spirit, drawing inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of canyons found across the globe....

  • Ravine Sustainable Vegan Leather Eco-friendly Wallet from FlippySustainables

    Ravine - The Sustainable Wallet tailored for your Pocket

    Nestled within the heart of untouched landscapes, where the gentle caress of nature leaves an indelible mark, lies the inspiration behind the creation of the Ravine Wallet. Picture yourself venturing deep into the wilderness, where sprawling mountains give way to...

  • Forest Black Wallet from FlippySustainables

    Forest Wallet: The Timeless Blend of Vegan Hemp Leather

    By choosing the Forest Wallet, you make a conscious decision to support cruelty-free, vegan, and sustainable alternatives. The durability and biodegradability of the materials ensure that this wallet not only enhances your style but also contributes to the preservation of our environment.